Senior Center and housing in Barcelona

In terms of Urban planning becomes an exercise of suture of the urban weave, closing a block and creating a new way to pass through the interior of the building block. Here I created a place with garden and children’s play area. It is decided to create a space reserved for the noiser streets, closing the canal alignment with the street count. Furthermore, there are lot of space in front of the CAP, so the intention is not to add more space, but split it in two, creating spaces of very different characters.

Cities are alive and therefore are changing more or less constant. However, this continuous change may not always be agreeable. An example of this is the dividing wall of two building that remain in view when they should not be. L’institut del Paisatge Urbá de Barcelona (The Institute of Urban Landscape of Barcelona) has been fihting for over twenty years trying ways to integrate the urban scene stock of these walls, partitions properties that are exposed as a result of urban changes may be provisional or not.
The dividing walls can remain in view once finished the work but this is not the original goal of the wall , remain in view due to subsequent changes in alignments of buildings, mostly. Many had come to be mere publicity walls, but the intention was, based on the maximum expressed by Oriol Bohigas is the best dividing wall is that which is not seen,wheter if one eradicate them or dignify them.
In this project the party walls play an important role, they project are based in part on them. This site is dividing into two categories: on the one hand are the medians walls of tall buildings (can be up to 20 meters high which may eventually appear small openings in the service area of housing). And on the other hand those that enclose the terraced floors and courtyards serve as the main floors of these buildings.
So the new building will lean in the tall dividing walls and it will leave on sight the small walls that belong to the terraces .

The main entrance is by the new interior place, giving more movement of people. According to the plan of sunlight, is a place with sun for most of the day. The center for elderly,is 590m2,and it has 3 entrances: the main one, which as I said is done to the interior patio, and two of service,one independent for the bar and another gate that serves to the other workers of the center. The bar of the house has been designed so that it can work independently of the senior center. It is located in the corner of the building, with double façade (interior patio and the street, and also the input of the interior patio, where you can place tables in the shade, to be protect from the hot summers of Barcelona.