The small scale

In the second part of the exercise,there is a radical change of attitude and absolutely architecture: A change of perspective and … scale.  Now the project is placed inside one of the contenidors and it is developed exclusively, establishing:

• the limits of space • the qualities of light •  the colors and textures of the materials.

That is made ​​from an human point of view of the architecture, for their comfort and their happiness.

A great place to work: Have breadth, height, “air”, allowing the mess and the unexpected, a place to move in a smooth, mostly empty, also to install for work.
With the possibility to incorporate (or not) auxiliary spaces where:
– Gui, reading has become a … (main space rid of furniture)
– Store materials (objects ugly) and books (Main empty space stuff)
– Sanitary items (provide a shower) and technological

A great place to live and work and to exhibit occasionally receive friends: Similar to the above: large, smooth-moving about, essentially empty, allowing different rules on whether or not to incorporate auxiliary spaces.