Containers a Cadaqués

Designing generic places to live or work and locating them in a unique landscape in an area that should not be spoiled even more: not only to preserve it but improve.

Introduction- Who is the user? A New York jewelry designer who spends long periods in Cadaques, has bought a large land to built his studio-workshop, in order to extend their stays in town.


The user has purchased a larger land than she really need (7400m ²)so now she would like to work surrounded by friends and colleagues. in So, in addition to her two pieces of 200 m² each (studio and house), she proposes building two more pieces, separate but related two by two. These additional pieces will be occupied by the partners.
Formalise a house  and a workshop. The different parts must have a high degree of independence so can be connected two by two.
Except for the own occupation of the buildings  the field has left as “virgin” as possible, so it does not lose its nature. Therefore only one small space provided for each home and studio. Consider whether there are other ways of enjoying the outdoors does not entail spoiling the environment.

The views are important: It is oriented to the Northwest, violently exposed to the prevailing wind, the Tramuntana.

Ground and first floorCadaqués is a closed setting, wich limits are powerful and beautiful, where the sea is always present. A people who look at theirself. Wherever you are you see the other arm of the bay. So in order to not to be seen, we change the window direction through the sea. So you  don’t see a house, you see some walls, like that there are in the countryside.